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Hi, this is Yogita Mahadik-Surwade, Founder and CEO “Manomay Products”. Even though I am an IT Professional, I’ll always be passionate about healthy, Tasty and Traditional food.

In this fast-supersonic world, we always look for shortcuts in anything we do, even when it comes to food intake. So for your tempting snack-times, We “Manomay Products” are providing the testy and nutritious punch of dry fruits pack load up on healthy dry fruits like Almonds, Cashew, Raisins, Walnuts, Dates, Pistachio, Honey etc., all are perfect to satiate those uninvited hunger pangs, especially when they are running against time or are trying to stick to their diet.

There are absolutely no restrictions on when these superfood can be consumed. They are perfectly healthy and meet the body’s vitamin and mineral requirements.

Why Manomay Products?
At Manomay Products (Fssai Licence No.:21517178000315) we provide you with the highest quality products extracted from premium goods loaded with healthy and nutritious food.
Furthermore, we assure cleanliness and hygiene from packaging goods till delivery.
The reason to choose us as dried fruits are healthier when they are prepared at home, as the store-bought varieties may have excessive sugar and calories.

Why dry fruits are essential in our diet?
Dry fruits are rich in minerals, proteins, fiber and vitamins add to that they are tasty and delicious too.
Dry fruits are excellent and healthy substitute for daily snacks.
Consumption of dry fruits enhances energy and stamina; also as they are rich in fiber which means better digestion and overall health Nuts are a great source of protein and iron especially if you are a vegetarian.
Dry Fruits are also a rich source of Calcium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Protein, Riboflavin, Vitamin A-C-E-K-B6, and Zinc. This means healthy bones, muscles, nerves, teeth, and skin.
This also means protection from anemia, heart diseases, high cholesterol, strengthening of the immune system and much more.
So what are we waiting for? Let’s grab all the wonderful goods for our body.

Best services:
We hope to create an enjoyable, pleasing, gracious experience for our customers.
If you have any inquires feel free to contact us on +91-7798309159

Thanks and Regards

Yogita Mahadik-Surwade

Founder and CEO


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